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Christmas in Costa Rica, the second time!

by Rebecca - December 25th, 2012.
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The best part of Christmas eve was the last 20 minutes while I put the girls to bed.  The girls took a bath and I put Margo’s hair up in a curler type hair do while she listened to Nana and Papa reading her “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.”  Those books where you can record your voice reading your child a story are brillant, especially when there is distance between you!

Margo loved the idea of doing her hair, and somehow something that simple can really make the night and next day feel special.  I remember sitting on the floor watching Christmas movies while my Mom put all our hair in rags (there were three of us girls).  And of course it makes awesome Christmas morning photos.

I think that every kid should look like this on Christmas morning.  FOR REAL!

And before you know it, it’s stocking time!  And yes… I used a pair of Matt’s socks.  Thats what stockings are in case you’ve forgotten!

My theory has become the more boring the sock the more exciting the things inside of it become!  (And yes Thelma is wearing two dresses, she found the one Margo was supposed to be wearing and wore it for about an hour!)

Now, as a Mom who makes things for her kids, sometimes you wonder if they really like the things you make for them.

I think this picture answers that question.  (Melted my heart!  She smiled so big when she saw and said THANK YOU!  THANK YOU MOMMY!)  Who knows what character that is?

All I can say to this is “Classic Thelma.”

But don’t worry, soon the dress situation worked itself out and Margo’s curls came out cuter than I hoped!

She was so excited she kept boinging the curls with her finger (any memories of Ramona anyone?)

And after scarfing down this amazing apple pie filled amazingness, I lost the girls to the toys their Nana and Papa sent.  They were in heaven!

Here is a little video of Thelma playing with her gift from Nana(MOV05331).

We had a wonderful Christmas morning and I’m looking forward to the rest of the day.  The simplicity of our Christmas this year reminded how little it takes to get a look of awe and joy from a child.  I hope everyone is enjoying their day!!!

6 Responses to Christmas in Costa Rica, the second time!

  1. Very sweet. Christmas is all about the kids, isn’t it.

  2. Okay, Love Your Christmas updates. Thank you for letting us into your family time that way. Also LOVE the fact that you curled Margo’s hair the same time that i finally after weeks of wondering where my little curlers where went out and bought some. She is so beautiful (as always) and Thelma totally made Gerian and i laugh. Two dresses, “Just in case i like the other one better.” Who wouldn’t want to wear two dresses??!
    LOL We missed you guys. But through your updates in a strange way i could pictures being there with you guys.
    Love you all

  3. OH this is the sweetest thing to hear! I’m so glad that we could let you in on what our Christmas morning was like! I found myself wondering how yours was with all those excited boys, I hope it was grand. We miss you guys too!

  4. Hi. I used to have a curler, but we had no idea how to use it. HOW DO YOU GET MARGO’S HAIR LIKE THAT!

  5. My mom used to put my hair in rags, which means she took a strip of cloth and rolled up my hair and then tied it closed. I slept in them overnight and had ringlets in the morning. What I did to Margo’s hair was a bit different, but same concept

  6. Thanks! I’ll try it soon!
    Such a loving family you guys have!

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